The Migraine Centre

Working to eliminate migraines and headaches   

Welcome to the Migraine Centre.

You are probably reading this because you yourself suffer from migraines or you live with a loved one who is struck down by these head pains.

The Migraine Centre provides treatment for migraines and headaches using Integrated Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (iEMDR). This is a new technique developed by Dr Steven V. Marcus Ph.D. of California. The first clinical trial of Integrated EMDR was published in 2008 in the Journal of EMDR Practice and Research comparing the effectiveness of iEMDR with migraine medications (n=43). iEMDR was recorded as giving lower self reported pain levels by migraine sufferers at post treatment, at 24 hours, at 48 hours and at 7 days. As yet there are no comparative studies of iEMDR with other treatment options such as acupuncture, herbal remedies such as feverfew or butterbur or cranial treatment.

Headaches may be classified as tension, migraine, cluster and sinus but these categories can overlap. Spectrum theory views both migraine and tension type headaches as essentially all migraines with different manifestations.

Migraine Facts

Migraines occur most frequently in the 25-60 age group

88% of migraine sufferers work through the migraine 5 days per month.

55% of migraine sufferers miss 2 work days per month

Early intervention has been shown to be important in treating migraine.

Three times as many women as men suffer with migraines

Migraines are associated with searing pain, disorientation, dietary triggers, hormones, stress, bright lights, sleep disturbance and difficulty with movements and perception.

The Migraine Centre is here to help rid you of your migraines. Based in Teignmouth, Devon, we provide a service to Exeter and the surrounding area.