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A One Sided Headache Needs a One Sided Solution.

The One Sided Problem

Have you ever stopped to wonder why migraines affect one side of the head? This observation goes back to the second century when Galen described one sided headaches as hemi-krania (semi skull or half a skull). If you miss off the 'h' at the beginning you are left with micrania. In English the word first occurs as migrane in 1373 and later as mygrayne by 1425. This tells us that a lot of people have suffered with migraines for centuries. The condition is clearly not as simple as my head hurts. The condition is one sided in its nature.

EMDR and Each Side of the Brain

EMDR is a technique developed by Francine Shapiro. For the clinical effectiveness of EMDR go to

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) which recommends the NHS on drug and treatment options recommend EMDR saying it is empirically supported for treatment of choice for adult Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (2005).

EMDR treatment induces the brain to behave in similar ways to its behaviour during dreaming in which REM (rapid eye movement occurs). Emotions which are located in the non dominant side of the brain are reprocessed causing significant improvement in the individual removing the affect of the trauma. Since its original use in treating post traumatic reactions EMDR has been used for the treatment of a variety of conditions including phobias and phantom limb pain in amputees. The application of EMDR to the treatment of migraines is another extension of this technique. For other applications of EMDR please go to the Therapy Exeter website

A One Sided Solution

Because of EMDR's effectiveness in processing one side of the brain it is uniquely placed to combat a one sided condition such as migraines. iEMDR is a treatment which actually works, it has changed my life, let it change yours too.